Then, Now, Tomorrow



The church was founded in 1948 and the congregation wanted to provide a Christian education to its members and to the community. Grace Lutheran School first opened its door with a kindergarten class in 1956. By 1969 Grace Lutheran School was officially opening its doors every morning to 246 students in grades K thru 7th. The following year they expanded the school to include 8th grade. In 1981, the school reached out to preschoolers by opening their doors to the first three and four year old preschool program.




Today the school provides a safe, loving Christian atmosphere to children from the age of two years old through 8th grade. The church recognizes the benefits of, and the need to, provide our children with a strong basis in Christian beliefs along with a sound educational experience. It is through our teachers’ dynamic instructions that the students of Grace come to develop their God-given talents and hone their academic skills to flourish in their educational path through high school and beyond.




Tomorrow brings changes. At Grace Lutheran we recognize need to expand and continue to improve. A long term planning committee has assessed the needs of the church, the school, and the community to determine the future goals for the school and church. We are excited about the vision the church and school have for service to the community and growth on our campus.