With increasingly large amounts of information available to students it will be important for them to be able to use various forms of technology to collect, analyze, and prepare the information needed to complete a variety of tasks.  The teachers of Grace Lutheran School will facilitate the learning of technology skills by modeling and teaching the integration of instructional technologies into the educational process and life.


In order to reach this goal for the use of technology at Grace, the school will…

  • Establish technological networking capabilities at our school
  • Assure that all students and staff will be provided with and have equal access to minimum standards of hardware and software
  • Implement grade level technology standards identified to ensure equality of delivery to all students
  • Enable around the clock access to school learning resources, classroom lessons and assignments, weekly notes from teachers, student grades, school information, and messages from the school and teachers
  • Provide the learning community with greater opportunity for interaction, collaboration and information exchange
  • Promotes equitable access to learning technology as a community investment and encourages an active partnership among school, businesses, homes, and the community


Technology in the Classroom


  • All of the classrooms at Grace are equipped with Smartboards.  Polyvision Enoboards are used for teaching lessons, providing practice, and for assisting students through group lessons.
  • All of the classrooms have several desktop computers which can be used by students as work stations
  • Middle school students, grades 6-8, are issued a netbook at the beginning of each school year for the duration of the year.
  • Students have access to classroom sets of netbooks and tablets that work wirelessly to assist in daily work, research, and a variety of learning activities
  • All of the classrooms have access to educational video through our Safari Montage Video Server.  The video server provides access to grade appropriate educational video that supports and enhances the learning process.
  • Parents can access information from the school, and track their students’ progress through the use of the RenWeb School Management program.


Our goal is that our students will know how to use technology in all facets of their education and throughout life.

Technology Curriculum


In our school setting technology will enable students to become:

  • Capable information technology users
  • Information seekers, analyzers, and evaluators
  • Problem solvers and decision makers
  • Creative and effective users of productivity tools
  • Communicators, collaborators, publishers, and producers
  • Informed, responsible, and contributing Christian citizens


Florida Virtual School


Middle School students at Grace can enhance their education through access to additional Middle School and High School courses through the use of the Florida Virtual School.  Students can be approved for individual study of on-line courses through the Virtual School or the school can offer Virtual School learning labs for large groups of students in particular subjects.  In these ways the school becomes the facilitator for receiving on-line course content and credits through the teachers and programs offered by the Florida Virtual School.