Martin Luther, a church reformer in the 1500’s, believed parents were the ones who had the responsibility of Christian training in God’s Word. He wrote a catechism, a small book of questions and answers with Bible references, so parents were equipped to train their children. Today, we have the opportunity to have Christian schools to assist parents with their responsibility.  Our responsibility is to share this parental task as a school.  This is why we believe it is important for parents to be involved at school.

  • We want parent involvement in Christian education
  • We invite parents into our school setting
  • We require families to serve in our school
  • Children want see their parents at school
  • Kids want to share with their classmates how their mom or dad is helping at school


We believe this makes a difference in every student’s education at Grace Lutheran School.

Our required service hour program expects every school family to be involved at Grace Lutheran School and is administered by the school.  Families are expected to complete 25 service hours at or around school and sometimes at home.  Those hours are completed in so many ways:

  • Driving on field trips
  • Manning a carnival booth
  • Listening to children read
  • Serving as a coach for an athletic team
  • Baking cupcakes or cookies for an event
  • Room parent
  • Cutting out bulletin board items for a teacher


To name just a few of the opportunities available for service hours.

Our children learn that Mom and Dad value their child’s education because they come to school and do different kinds of things in order to participate in the learning process.  This is another way we are different from so many other schools.

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