Our Mission

Grace Lutheran School Mission Statement


The mission of Grace Lutheran School is to provide its students and their families with a strong spiritual and academic foundation so that they know and understand God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ and are also able to live lives appropriate to their positions in their families, churches, community, and country.

We believe the purpose of Christian education is to:

  • Bring the child to know and love his Savior Jesus Christ
  • Teach all basic secular subjects and maintain a high level of expectation and achievement in an atmosphere of Christian discipline and love
  • Provide supplemental programs during the school day to enrich the students’ development
  • Provide intra and extra-curricular activities in a supervised atmosphere
  • Maintain continued contact with parent and home
  • We believe that a Christian educator is committed to providing a complete education for God’s children by meeting their spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and aesthetic needs.


We believe that the family exerts the greatest influence on the child’s total education, and that the church and school assist the family in the God-given responsibility of Christian education.