Financial Assistance

We strive to make this educational experience available to all families that may require financial assistance. All inquiries, regardless of family income, are welcomed and encouraged. Grace Lutheran School makes all admission decisions without regard to financial status. Families who have reviewed their financial situation and feel that help may be needed in paying tuition should apply for aid. Financial aid awards are available at any grade level to families who demonstrate need.

In determining need, the guidelines of FACTS Financial Assistance are used. Each award is individualized based upon the financial assessment of each applicant. It is important to note that Grace Lutheran School may not be able to accommodate all financial aid applicants in a given year. Applications received in the Principal’s Office beginning February 6, 2023 will receive first priority relative to aid dollars available.

Students entering grades Kindergarten – 8th Grade must apply for Step Up for Students or AAA and be denied before FACTS Financial Assistance will be applied.

Families currently receiving aid must submit a new application each year through FACTS and also submit a letter to the Principal’s office stating reasons why assistance is being applied for. If the family’s financial circumstances remain the same, the school will make every effort to assist a family at the same level of aid.


Grace Lutheran School accepts the following financial assistance programs:

Step Up for Students Program

If you qualified for free or reduced lunches in the public school system you may qualify for a scholarship through the Step Up For Students program.

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