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Grace Lutheran School believes children should have access to a positive, strength-building educational experience.

Adopt-a-Student Scholarship Fund

The values and habits they learn go beyond skills measured by tests- these lessons last a lifetime.  By adopting a student, or making a contribution towards a student’s tuition, your financial support can transform lives by inspiring confidence, success, and faith.

Annual Tuition (2015-2016) for Grades K-8

  • $5950 covers a student’s tuition for one year
  • $496 covers a student’s tuition for one month
  • $124 covers a student’s tuition for one week

Each gift, no matter what size makes a difference. Gifts of any amount help children receive a Christian education at Grace Lutheran School. Grants and contributions from individual donors like you are the primary source of funding for Adopt-a-Student Scholarships.

For more information on how to give to the Adopt-a-Student Scholarship Fund, please contact the school at