Grace Lutheran School


Student Resource Center

Grace Lutheran School believes in developing the reading skills
of the students by providing them access to quality
reading materials of a variety of types.


The Student Resource Center is a place where students come to enjoy being read to, where they can learn to locate materials for personal reading enjoyment, where they have the opportunity to research a variety of topics for class assignments, and where they can fulfill the requirements of the Accelerated Reader program for their grade level.

The student resource center also has a video library for use by the teachers, and a parenting library for use by parents and teachers.

Student Library

The Student Resource Center has over 18,000 books cataloged for student use.  Those volumes include classics, modern favorites, non-fiction works, reference materials, and much more.

The books in the resource center are cataloged into an electronic database that is accessible to parents through our RenWeb school management system.  Parents can search our catalog of titles, see what their children have checked out, and receive library notices through the RenWeb system.

AR Program

Grace uses the Accelerated Reader program to help promote reading and build reading comprehension.  Students in grades one through eight participate in the program.

Students have required reading goals each quarter, and are recognized for their reading achievement through the course of the school year.  On a school wide level, students who earn more than 100 AR Points through the course of the school year are recognized.

We also recognize readers who earn more than 1500 AR points during their Grace career in our Accelerated Reader Hall of Fame.